Power Metals to Commence Metallurgical Testing for Lithium at Case Lake

Power Metals Corp. announced they have engaged SGS Canada Inc. regarding metallurgical testing of the spodumene pegmatite at Main Dyke on the Case Lake Property, east of Cochrane, Ontario. Power Metals has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with SGS and started to transfer key documents to SGS. SGS is planning to start the metallurgical testing with heavy liquid (HL) separation and mineralogy analyses.
The mineralogy analyses will identify if the lithium occurs in spodumene or some other minerals like amblygonite, muscovite, lepidolite, petalite, etc. Power Metals is confident that spodumene is the dominant lithium mineral on the property, amblygonite and petalite are absent and lepidolite is only present in trace amounts. Mineralogy will also check the iron content percent within the spodumene crystal.
The purpose of HL separation test is to float the light minerals like quartz from the heavier spodumene mineral. The HL test will predict the expected spodumene grade and recovery by gravity or dense media separation (DMS). The HL test will determine if a 6% Li2O spodumene concentrate is possible to be produced using the inexpensive DMS method. The HL test will also offer the specific gravity (SG) cut point of where the separation of spodumene from quartz is best performed.
In 2018, Power Metals conducted drilling at Case Lake.  They drilled 44 holes at the Main, New Dykes, East and West Joe Dykes to a depth of 4,571 metres. Spodumene pegmatite was discovered at West Joe at the 1,195 metre mark at 18 drill holes from the area.  Spodumene was also discovered in the Dome 9 area.
The assay results at West Joe Dyke indicated an exceptionally high-grade lithium intervals.
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