CME 2019 Hosts Ontario’s Largest Mining Job Fair Ever


On June 5, 2019, the Canadian Mining Expo (CME) 2019 will once again host the "Explore Your Options in Mining" Job Fair at the McIntyre Community Centre Timmins, Ontario.  This year’s event will focus on adult job seekers, senior high school students and post secondary graduates. It will also have a special focus on engaging certain under-represented groups in mining (youth, women, Indigenous and new comers).

Based on the Local Mining Employment Forecast launched by the Far North East Training board (FNETB) in 2018, the mining industries in the Cochrane and Temiskaming districts alone could face a shortfall of 2,819 workers by 2027 based on imminent retirements, and on current anticipated workforce needs.  Events such as the Explore Your Option in Mining Job Fair aim to promote the range of opportunities that are available in mining.  

 Last year, the job fair attracted 850+ students from Grades 6 to 12, and 400+ members of the public   applying for jobs.  This year, the target audience for the job fair will be adult job seekers, senior high   school students and post secondary graduates.  Our objective for 2019 is 500+ visitors to support the   recruitment efforts of local mining companies. The job fair will run from 1:00 – 5:00 pm on June 5th.   On that same day, organizers are planning a networking event for mining HR and recruiters to   discuss  resources and supports to encourage and increase mining employment opportunities for   youth, women, Indigenous and new comers.  Stay tuned for details on the logistics for that portion of   the day.  In the meantime, we invite you to register now for the Explore Your Options in Mining Expo   since space is limited. Last year we had 35 mining companies, manufacturers, service groups,   training institutes, hiring agencies and academia all catering to the mining industry. 

To register your company or for further information call toll free 866.754.9334,   email info@canadiantradex.com  or visit www.canadianminingexpo.com

 The Explore Your Options in Mining Job Fair is being organized by The Far North East Training   Board  (FNETB) in partnership with Canadian Trade-Ex (CT-EX) organizers of the Canadian Mining   Expo and several education and employment organizations, and private sector partners.