Advertising being traded for stocks

Proof we care: Our advertising being traded for stocks. It’s the Publisher of Mining Life & Exploration News’ Faith!

Published by: Mining Life & Exploration News

The crisis harming the junior mining sector of the Canadian mineral industry is not so much a financial one any more as it is a general erosion of the belief that there will be better days ahead.

Too many executives of juniors no longer think that eventually there will be light at the end of the dark tunnel they have been in for the past several years.

They forget that mining has always been a cyclical industry. Global economic volatility and oversupply of commodities has led to a drop in prices of most metals and minerals such as gold, silver, copper and coal. Still, the mining industry has been surviving as it tries to balance supply and demand, including cutting production and shelving underperforming projects.

“It will be hard to raise capital for several years,” analyst and mining letter writer John Kaiser warned in a recent presentation. He said there are around 700 mining companies on the TSX Venture Exchange with negative working capital, and the total number of small miners is shrinking.

“They are starting to disappear,” he added.

It is not new in life or in mining.

If one goes to a Bible there is a warning grain must be stored in good harvests because poor harvests will occur.

While the industry is still in the doldrums, especially when it comes to raising money, we at Canadian Mining Life and Exploration News are also confident the commodities market will soon turn.

Long-term demand for metals and minerals will continue as the world’s population keeps growing.

As a public display of faith in an eventual turn for the better, Canadian Mining Life and Exploration News is trading advertising space in this magazine for stock in selected junior mining companies.

Basically, we are telling the world that we are confident enough in the mineral exploration sector to bet our financial future on it. We will do well if the stocks we accept do well and if they door poorly, so will we.

If a company has a good story, good management and a good project, it is a candidate for an advertising for stock swap with us.

Junior companies are a foundation of the industry and its future.

We are committed to seeing the junior sector navigate this challenging period.