CEMI Holds Deep Mining Workshop in Sudbury on March 28

Tony Ryma, CTV Northern Ontario News, interviews Charles Nyabeze, Vice-President of Business Development at Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI).
CEMI is holding a workshop on Deep Mining in Sudbury on March 28, 2019. Northern Ontario is a world leader in deep mining. 
The workshop will examine what the current problems faced when mining in a deep mine environment. The deeper the mine the more heat becomes a factor and cooling and ventilation  becomes critical to allow safe working conditions. The need for clean air also is leading to the replacement of diesel engines with battery electric vehicles.
The workshop will explore these three topics:
  • Intensity of Mine Production – higher production, higher ore value, lower cost :Moderated by Samantha Espley, Director, Mining Technology & Innovation, Vale Base Metals
  • Energy Consumption – reducing the total amount of energy consumed  Moderated by Dean Millar, Presient / CEO, Electrale Innovation Ltd
  • Integration of Digital Technologies and Automation Moderated by Kevin McAuley, Director of Sustainability, Technical Services & Innovation at Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations – A Glencore Company
The workshop is a one day event that is modelled after the experiences that CEMI has gathered over the last 11 years including the Ultra Deep Mining Network (UDMN). CEMI has gathered further insight into the requirements of deep mining with its preparation for the second round of Deep Mining Network funding. This workshop will help gather the content that will allow CEMI to seek further private and public support to address Deep Mining challenges.