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Federal Screen Wedge Wire Screen

 Wedge Wire Screen

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are familiar with all specific certification standards and the most up-to-date testing protocols, while keeping current on all the latest technologies and innovations to pass onto our customers.
Wedge wire screens are manufactured by resistance welding V-shaped wire on support rods. Our wedge wire screen begins with the highest quality raw wire then is made into screen that is cut, shaped, fabricated and cleaned.
Wedge wire can be ordered as raw screen material or fabricated to a finished product to suite your application requirements. The pin point control over the specifications of the slot is what allows Federal Screen to provide its customers with highly accurate flow distribution and effective media, debris and sediment filtration. Support Rods running perpendicular to the wrap wire strengthen and maintain the proper design configuration of the screen allowing it to handle intense pressure demands.
Our Wedge Wire Screen is designed to control various processing conditions including volumetric flow rate, minimum dimensional media retention, minimum open area and fluid pressure capabilities. Federal Screen is able to professionally work a large variety of stainless steels and alloys into both standard or customizable screen applications and accessory products.
The benefits of using wedge wire:  
  • Extended lifetime
  • Slot during abrasive operation on the screen surface does not change
  • Capability to withstand heavy loads
  • High open area
  • Less prone to clogging
  • Perfectly smooth and flat surface
  • High precision of execution Increased capacity and more precise separation
  • Self-cleaning effect
  • Low pressure loss
  • Increased efficiency
  • Permanence of exploited resources
  • Lower capital cost and maintenance
  • Construction Profiles
Federal Screen offers numerous combinations of profile wires and support rods. The wedge wire screen is created by wrapping a profile wire cylindrically around longitudinal placed support rods. All wires and rods are resistance welded at each point of contact and different construction methods can be employed to address flow direction and strength of the product. The wide range of apertures between the wires and rods allows us to design a screen according to our customer’s technical or cosmetic specification.


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