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ME Safe Long Hole Plug


(Patent Pending)

Assessing the hazard of bogged rods in up holes

The Long Hole Plug (LHP) was developed in Australia to safely and effectively remove the hazard of bogged drill rods in ‘up holes’ without demobilisation of the production drill.
The LHP consists of two components, a slotted tube and a tapered cone. The LHP is held in place up the hole by the slotted tube component similar to a friction anchor. In the event that the drill rods fall the tapered cone engages with the slotted tube and the LHP behaves similar to an expansion shell anchor by transferring the axial forces from the falling drill rods horizontally into the rock mass.
Installation takes approximately 5 minutes with no additional tools or equipment required.
The units are robust and designed to live on drill rigs or light vehicles in the harshest underground environments until such a time that they are required.
All LHP’s are manufactured in Australia, come individually wrapped and are available in all standard hole sizes.


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