SafeSight Above the Crowd

2021.06.02 12.00 AM - 12.00 AM

Arena 1

A view from Above the Crowd

Looking for a new perspective on marketing videos or promotional content? SafeSight’s new Above The Crowd

content services can capture HD video from above. With our fleet of Transport Canada compliant UAVs, we have the drone to get the shots you are looking for.


With access to UAVs under 250g for indoor use, and heavy hitters for large scale outdoors shots, we are able to provide a number of different services to suit your vision. We also provide fully Canadian licensed drone operators with over 4 years experience to ensure you are operating within the bounds of Transport Canada regulations. 


How does it work

1. Develop the Planning & Design: Our assigned UAV specialist will work with you to plan the key moments and images that you are looking to capture. Key outcomes from the planning phase are: :

? Defining the flight locations and flight paths that will be used.

? Confirming flight times

? Select the key moments and spots you want to capture

? Confirm the safety parameters and awareness requirements to ensure safe successful outcomes.

2. Define Flight Schedule: Our UAV pilot will create a flight schedule for date/time/location and flight duration. This document will form the approved flight itinerary for your event and will be used to ensure we capture your events best moments.

3. The Event Contact is responsible for ensuring that the participants at the event are aware of the fly over times and to ensure that “the crowd” understands the UAV in use approved by Transportation Canada for above the crowd use and operations.

4. Content delivery for publication: 30 minutes post flight the captured footage will be available for editing and publication by the event’s media team. Content will be retrieval through a Safesight secure portal. All Video content will contain a “ courtesy of Safesight Exploration Inc ” water mark in the lower right hand corner is 10 font.Safesight will have the right to republish and promote the video feed.


How do you book “Above the crowd”

Simply email us at “ info@safesightxp.com ” and use Above the Crowd as the subject line.

Let us know the event, the date and a primary contact email and we can schedule a planning

session to confirm your reservation.