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Aquatech Pump and Power Inc. R2-08 (Arena 1) |  R2-09 (Arena 1)  
Aquatech is a complete service provider of specialized pumping and environmental equipment for fluid handling and testing applications. While mostly known for our construction and mine dewatering, and groundwater related services, we also offer a complete line of pumping equipment.
ASGCO R2-11 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
At ASGCO “Complete Conveyor Solutions” we use engineered products and services to provide the best solutions to your conveyor material handling applications.

Combined with our global network of distributors, we are part of a coordinated team focused on insuring your success.
Atlas Dewatering Corporation R6-03 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
Atlas Polar Company Ltd. R5-07 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
Audet & Knight UD-09 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
Audet & Knight specializes in the foundations and deep foundations, mining shaft, retaining works and cofferdams, bridges and culvert, submerged works and in the mining labor rental. Working in these specialized niches, the quality of the service offered is essential for us. We have more than 140 employees dedicated to your projects.
Axxess International Inc. R6-10 (Arena 1)  
We take care of analyzing the documentation for each of your shipments to ensure that your declarations are compliant with the customs regulations in effect. We ensure the accuracy of the tariff classification is adequate and verify import requirements for your products and legislation from all government agencies. Axxess International offers you experienced personnel and a personalized service according to your requirements.
Azimuth Environmental Consulting, Inc. UD-02 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
Azimuth Environmental Consulting, Inc. provides diverse expert environmental solutions to meet clients’ needs. Our professional consultants have expertise in environmental planning/engineering, hydrogeology, contaminant hydrogeology, geochemistry, biology, rehabilitation and environmental DNA assessments.