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Paradox Access Solutions P-05 (Pavilion)  
Paradox Access Solutions is a civil construction company specializing in customized access solutions for companies who need temporary or permanent roadways built on unstable terrain, such as muskeg, permafrost or mud. Paradox also offers design and build project management and engineering solutions, paved and unpaved infrastructure projects, earthworks, matting, installation, heavy-duty and transportation services.
PBE Group R2-01 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
PBE Group is a recognized leader in mine safety, monitoring and communication solutions. Learn more about how our advanced innovation and world-class customer services can help you increase your productivity.
Plastruct Polyzone Inc. R6-01 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
We custom design, fabricate, machine and install high quality, production-boosting liners to handle some of the toughest materials on the planet, from coal, fly ash and gypsum to cement, aggregate and other sticky, non-flowing bulk materials. We also offer custom fabrication & design and CNC machining capabilities.
Priestly Demolition Inc. R1-08 (Arena 1)  
PDI is family owned and operated and is one of the largest and most trusted demolition contractors in Canada. We have the expertise and resources to handle any project while providing the personalized service of a smaller organization. Our highly trained team of professionals and top-of-the-line fleet of equipment will help prepare you to build for a better future.
Pro-Facts R6-14 (Arena 1)  
With a user-friendly approach, Skilldentify helps you view, share or manage training and certification. Various types of login access is available. Quickly and easily access information needed to manage training or skilled personnel in various workplace environments. Contact Skilldentify today and manage your own Learning Management Network.
Procon Canada East Ltd. R6-09 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
Procon Canada East Ltd. provides shaft sinking services for either concrete circular shafts or convention timbered shaft.
We work with the client, as a team, to meet their specific needs. Any needs related to shaft sinking can be provided, such as engineering services, management and supervision services, etc.
Provix Inc. R5-15 (Arena 1)  
PROVIX is Canada’s leading supplier of equipment and vehicle safety camera systems and lighting to the Mining industry. PROVIX enhances vision through the deployment of technologically advanced camera systems and third generation LED lighting. Custom Camera systems and equipment lighting that can include remote viewing capability, wireless recording, thermal vision, programmed and triggered event monitoring, infrared night vision and safer, more productive operations in any mine, pit or quarry.
Pump and Abrasion Technologies Canada Ltd. P-16 (Pavilion)  
Pump & Abrasion Technologies is a leading global OEM & pump system specialist focused on impact-reducing solutions that improve productivity.
Purolator Inc R2-02 (Arena 1)  
Purolator is a leading integrated freight, package and logistics solution provider in Canada. We go the extra mile to deliver our customers’ promises to, from and within Canada. Learn more at purolator.com

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