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Nexans Canada Inc. R5-03 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  

Since the electrification of mines, our core business has been powering mining operations. Surface or Underground – Nexans has a cable productivity solution for you. As the leading producer of mining cables in North America, Nexans delivers outstanding value, customer service and engineering support.

Next Frontier Corp R2-14 (Arena 1)  
NILEX R3-10 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  

Nilex provides innovative solutions to support the unique requirements of mine site development and reclamation – solutions that enhance value, maximize return on investment, and reduce overall project costs.

NORCAT R3-08 (Arena 1)  

NORCAT is a leading, non-profit organization that provides instructor-lead, e-Learning and equipment simulation training for the mining industry to reduce injuries, save lives, and enhance productivity in the workplace.

Nordmin Group of Companies R4-03 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  

Nordmin Group of Companies has become a leading multi-disciplined Engineering Consulting firm with offices in Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Kamloops, and Salt Lake City which supports Mining, Power Generation, Instrumentation, Pulp and Paper efforts, as well as full EPCM solutions to the industry around the world.

North/South Consultants Inc. G-D (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  

North/South Consultants Inc. are aquatic environment specialists who conduct reviews of license applications and designs, and carry out environmental impact assessments and environmental monitoring on behalf of mining sector clients.

Northec Construction Inc. R1-02 (Arena 1)  

In 2014, EBC created a sister company in Timmins, Ontario, Northec Construction Inc., in order to develop the mining and infrastructure sectors in Northern Ontario.

Northern College R3-15 (Arena 1)  

Northern College is home to the world renowned Haileybury School of Mines. Our Mining Engineering Technician broad-based program is offered in a modular format allowing students to maintain their employment, as well as undertake exciting studies in mining. The Distance Education delivery is coupled with lab courses and field school components to create a flexible learning experience. Northerns apprenticeship program opportunities include Millwright, Heavy Equipment Technician, Carpenter, Welder, Metal Fabricator and Electrician. Northern also offers many trades / technology programs such as Heavy Equipment Mechanical Techniques, Industrial Millwright, Electrical, Engineering Technician/Technology, Welding Fitter, and Welding Engineering Technician/Technology that complement occupations in the mining sector.

Northern Light Technologies R1-06 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  

Northern Light Technologies (NLT) delivers innovative technologies to mines. Through rugged, readily deployed networks, Wi-Fi, and software-based solutions, NLT makes mines more efficient, safe, and profitable.