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ICP Building Solutions Group R7-04 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
Ideal Industries (Canada) Corp. R6-04 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
Ideal Industries produces connectors, hand tools, testers, and meters for the electrical and telecommunications industries.
ILEC Industries R2-03 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
Radiateur JMT Ltee is a world class manufacturer located in La Sarre Quebec.
  • JMT designs and manufactures custom radiators, oil coolers and charge air coolers for the mining industry both underground and open pit, forestry and construction sectors for fixed or mobile equipment.
  • JMT also repairs and rebuilds any kind of rad or cooler. Les Ateliers Boreal is a world class manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.
  • We also repair or rebuild any kind of cylinder. We machine parts using conventional or digital processes from your design and plans.
Imdex Limited R2-13 (Arena 1) |  R2-14 (Arena 1)  
IMDEX is a leading global Mining-Tech company, which enables successful and cost-effective operations from exploration to production.
At IMDEX we develop cloud-connected sensors and drilling optimisation products to improve the process of identifying and extracting mineral resources for drilling contractors and resource companies globally. Our unique end-to-end solutions for the mining value chain integrate our leading AMC and REFLEX brands. Together they enable clients to drill faster and smarter, obtain accurate subsurface data and receive critical information in real-time.
Industrial Pump Systems R5-08 (Arena 1) |  R5-09 (Arena 1)  
Local supply, service and technical support of a complete range of innovative pump types for the mining industry including Sandpiper, ProMinent Fluid Controls, Wilfley, Seepex, Abel, Grundfos and Flowserve Mechanical Slurry Seals.
Investissement Québec UD-05 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck) |  UD-06 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
Investissement Québec is a government corporation that plays an active role in Québec’s economic development. It provides creative solutions for businesses and guides them in their development.

Through its Investissement Québec International arm, the Corporation also strives to bring more foreign talent and investment to every region of Québec and offers specialized assistance to Québec businesses looking to diversify their markets and expand their exports.
IQ Massager Canada/OES Wellness Group Inc. G-F (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  
IQ MASSAGER Canada, a company that is dedicated to bringing Canadians the best in health and well-being that can be obtained through trade shows and conferences across Canada. [iqmassager.ca]
IQ Massager Canada has a selection of personal, portable and medically approved TENS/EMS units for pain/stress relief, core/muscle strengthening. Our company OES Wellness is the Official Canadian Distributor of IQ MASSAGER Canada and has been medically licensed by Health Canada as a Class II Medical Device.
IQ Thergun Pro for percussion myofascial soft tissue [skeletal muscle immobility] release and fascia [connective tissue] release therapy due to overuse, trauma, inactivity, tension, and diminished blood flow