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3 Sixty Secure R7-04 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck) |  R7-05 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck) |  O-31 (Outdoor )  

At 3|Sixty, we pride ourselves on meeting the unique security needs of our Clients worldwide. Our team of experienced professionals delivers a full spectrum of exceptional security services and solutions. We also lead the industry in delivering state-of-the art secure transport to the cannabis sector.

Our corporate knowledge and experience span a variety of sectors—from cannabis to mining, oil and gas, policing and infrastructure. Our promise is to deliver products, services, expertise and peace of mind to your people, business interests, customers and facilities. With over 450 Clients to our name, we have built a reputation on professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.

At 3|Sixty, our leadership team and staff bring extensive experience in Canada’s armed forces, law enforcement and international security to every Client we work with and every assignment we execute. We take great care in selecting the right individuals to join our team. We do this by providing wages that are higher than average in the industry, as well as offering full benefits. Our commitment to keeping our staff engaged and satisfied has resulted in an astounding 98% retention rate.

360 Services Inc. O-29 (Outdoor )  

We are building a reputation for the highest level of customer satisfaction. We have a full line of Align-Boring equipment and crews. Specialists in Bucket repairs and rebuilds.

3D-P UD-09 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)  

3D-P solutions make Smart IoT (Internet of Things) a reality for mining. Through a complete range of wireless connectivity solutions, custom wireless design specific to the challenges of the industry, and the powerful edge-computing capabilities of the Intelligent Endpoint (IEP) product line, 3D-P provides both the connectivity and edge computing capability necessary for optimal management of your operations every day.